SkyJack versus the Forty Thieves

Things maybe have grown a bit stale lately in the SkyJack and the Forty Thieves turf. You steal something of value and I steal it from you afterwards. Same old, same old.

Maybe it's time someone spices up things a bit! And who better than Bo Su, distinguished alien citizen and media mogul? When challenged in live media, can the Forty Thieves, that bunch of media darlings and prima donnas, take the liberty of not going for it? Wouldn't that reveal them as a the lazy-ass cowards they are?

An unavoidable dare, an unsuspected truth, a bit of a hoax and a bit of a dream. Suzie vs her father's murderer? Dora versus Internal Affairs? All that and of course... SKYJACK VERSUS THE FORTY THIEVES!
And interbreeding. Oh, lots and lots of interbreeding
(wink, wink, nudge, nudge).
Comedy Crime Risque Superhero
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July 11 2018

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